Oct 17, 2013

Day 5: more interviews, more night shots

Today we did five interviews. For the first two we interviewed two college students majoring in accounting and international studies. Both had come from mainland China to experience the vibrant Macau. Neither of the two gambled but still had interesting things to say about gambling in Macau. Then we interviewed a Chinese lady who had lived in Europe and the US, and had come to Macau when her husband got a job here. She also had plenty of experience on gambling albeit she, like so many in Macau, was not a regular gambler herself. The fourth interviewee was a student as well like the first two interviewees today but her specialty was indeed gambling. She studied to become a croupier. She had experience on working with gambling tourists in her husband's company, and now she wanted to get an official vocation in the field. She too did not gamble herself - at all.

Then we went to the Macau airport to interview an airline service official whose job was to coordinate the tourists' trip to Macau. One among the interesting and perhaps amusing things she told us was that for the most enthusiastic tourists that come to gamble in Macau, an announcement of the delay of the return flight is surprisingly well reacted to - it only means extra time to go back to a casino to play!

Ronan and our interpreter at the Macau airport.

After a brief moment of rest and recreation in our apartment in Coloane, we headed back north when it became dark. First we took some night shots of Macau on the top floor of the Macau Tower. Thanks to Ronan's persuasion skills we got to stay a bit after the closing time to get the best shots without all the lights on on the top floor. Then we hired a taxi to drive us around the casinos in Macau and Taipa to get more cool night shots. Our very informative and helpful driver Samson even ordered us pizzas amidst guiding our tour.

Casino lights in Macau.

Our driver Samson.

Ronan filming the night.

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