Oct 18, 2013

Day 6: chat with a croupier super, moving to the Strip

Blessed be the late mornings for they help fieldworkers recover! Today our hearts rejoiced for not having a scheduled meeting until noon. Then we took a bus to the Venetian, grabbed our interpreter Pingli, and continued to the Historical Archives of Macau to fetch the old photos we had ordered two days ago. Our next interview was at the Macao Polytechnic Institute where we got a chance to interview a croupier supervisor who - like all our interviewees - had interesting insight into the Macanese gambling scene. When the interview was over, we thought we had done our duty as far as interviews were concerned. However, our interpreter Pingli was called by a contact working in a Macanese hotel as a PR manager. He was ready to be interviewed tomorrow.

The afternoon was spent in moving to another accommodation, from a Coloane apartment to the heart of gambling Macau, a hotel in the Cotai Strip.

A scence from the Cotai Strip.

Ordering pork chop burgers in Taipa village on our way to an interview.

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