Oct 13, 2013

Hello Macau!

It took us about 40 hours to get to Macau by car, plane, ferry and taxi (Jyväskylä-Helsinki-Hong Kong-Macau) but here we are, in the magnificent gambling city. Actually, the gambling city approached us already on the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau in the form of text message advertising. We got about half a dozen SMS ads from different casinos welcoming us to Macau and encouraging us to take up their offers.

When we got out of the ferry, we were informed about the elimination of an important element of casino romanticism, smoking. We are just hoping cocktails are not next on the list.

No smoking anymore.

After getting out of Macau ferry terminal, we took a taxi and drove through the jungle of casinos in central Macau and Taipa island, passing the world's highest bungee jumping place, the Macau Tower, on the way. Bungee, by the way, is on our list of gambling experiences in Macau.

The first of the many casinos we passed going through the city.

The Macau Tower.

Bridge to Taipa.

A casino in Taipa.
Gambling takes many forms and one that we have already gained expertise and multiple rewards in is local grilled meats. Ronan here is pondering his three-bet at a food stall next to our accommodation in Coloane.

Ronan at a food stall.

Now that we have settled in, we will set our for fieldwork tomorrow morning. We are hoping for tons of nice shots and footage on gambling and related activities in Macau, and try to find out what gambling means to Macau and the Macanese people. Big fish eating little fish?

Please note that the videos and photos in the postings this week have been taken with Jukka's cell phone, and do not reflect the audiovisual standards of the project. Ronan is the pic & film pro, and has the big guns. Once he is finished with editing the material, plenty of samples will be posted in this blog and the pictorial quality of this presentation will be taken to another level.

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