Oct 19, 2013

Day 7: the last interview

Today we had our last interview. It was done in a fancy VIP lounge of a shopping mall where we talked with a PR manager of a local hotel. Again, we were able to enjoy very interesting inside insight into the gambling scene. 

Pre-interview coffee.
Getting to the rendez-vous place at the mall. 
After a succesful interview.
 After the interview we said goodbye to our efficient interpreter and contact-maker Pingli, and for the rest of the day we didn't film anything anymore but spent it soaking in the atmosphere of the city, sorting out our data and planning the future of our project. We counted that we have recorded about seven hours of footage which is a great beginning for a full length documentary, let alone a short film we are going to finalize in November/December. Thus, we felt we had earned a little R & R at our hotel's pool area.

End of the fieldwork.
Tomorrow we will head to Hong Kong, and have a few days off before returning to Finland. In the meantime as well as in the future, we will gladly welcome any comments, contacts and suggestion related to our project.

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